Beating the Plateau

27 October 2019

We all know the frustration - you’re motivated and starting out on your weight loss or health and fitness journey and then suddenly everything starts to slow down. Your weight loss starts to slow down or stops and you lose the inspiration you had in the first place. We call that a plateau.

Here are our top tips to beating that stubborn plateau and getting closer to reaching your goals:

1. Bump up the protein

Reducing your calorie intake too low may cause your muscle stores to be used as energy. The less muscle mass you have, the slower your metabolic rate becomes. Protein also increases your metabolic rate and keeps you fuller for longer. This can be done by increasing your protein intake through food sources – you could add in snacks like Supashape Protein Bites or our Whey & Collagen Bar to bump up your protein consumption.

2. Cut down the carbs

High GI and refined carbs like bread, pasta and baked goodies can result in water retention and fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels. Reducing your carb intake will result in less bloating and speed up weight loss.

3. Watch those beverages

We often forget about the calories that may be hidden in the beverages we drink. One cup of fruit juice contains up to 6 teaspoons of sugar. Alcohol is high in energy which is absorbed immediately by the body and stored as fat. Ensure that water makes up the bulk of your fluid intake, try adding Supashape Skinny Infusions to your water for a sugar- and calorie-free taste sensation!

4. Mindless snacking

Mindless snacking and tasting food while cooking contributes to your energy intake for the day. Being conscious of everything you put into your mouth is one way to track how much you are eating. You can do this by keeping a food diary in a notebook or on your phone.

5. Reduce the salt

Salt is one of the main culprits of water retention and bloating. Cutting down on salt and salty foods will leave you feeling less bloated and reduce the weight on the scale. Try flavouring your cooking up with herbs, fresh lemon, garlic and chilli.

6. Get more shut-eye

Lack of sleep has been found to increase hunger levels and increase levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which may contribute to weight and fat gain – particularly in the abdominal area. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

7. Up the cardio

High intensity cardiovascular activity is one way to increase your metabolism and fat burning for hours after you have done it. Try to add sprints and incline changes when running or walking on the treadmill.